Writing The Perfect Blog Post: Heart, Skeleton, Flesh, Skin and Polish Your Elephant

It takes me less than an hour to write blog posts. Most of my posts are around 1000 words. Usually they make sense. This is how I structure and write them – I create elephants.

I Am Going To Tell You About One Of The Worlds Biggest Problems And How It Can Be Solved

This is a post inspired by TED.com’s ingenious section that I hope someday to be on, even if I have to make an uninvited guest appearance and run like a demented would be stripper across the stage and into the gentle waiting hands of security.

I have spent a good…

Some Super Sneaky Suggestions for Selling Yourself AND Your Brilliant Ideas without Resorting to Violence and/or Blackmail

Picture: The room I pitched and won funding for my first business venture Nurtur. Approx Readtime: 3-4 Minutes / 2 Minutes Highlighted Other people not understanding the brilliance of your idea presents a problem and so for this reason alone some very clever individuals came up with the concept…