The Most Important Post I have Ever Written About Lifestyle Design

A highly visual and critical lesson in your current reality and the implications it has for the rest of your life. You cannot afford to miss this one.

The Power Of Expanding Your Reality As Highlighted By My April Fools Millions

Why Read (1250 Words)

As many of the readers correctly pulled me up regarding my post on April 1st on how I had sold my company for $1.15 Million dollars as indeed an April Fools. Sorry. However, it did have an underling lesson I wanted to teach and I thought…

A 5 Minute Read To Make You A Million Billion Times More Successful

The SUCCESS Ebook has launched and we want you to become a part in helping getting it into the hands of 50,000 people. Yes, I know you are now as excited as if you have just been given a box full of kittens. Try to control yourself.

A Simple Structure That Will Change Your Life

The 7 Life System – A Stupidly Simple Yet Provenly Powerful Way To Achieve Your Dreams.

Learn how to “Define Your Elephant And Then Eat It”, Achieve more while doing less, and ensure this years goals don’t slip by the wayside.

An epic 2000 word post but one…

An Almost Comprehensive Guide To Knowing What You Want, Improving Yourself, Finding Success, Escaping The Rat Race And Becoming Rich In 2010.

It’s January again, A New Year and another go at completely redesigning your life and reducing the amount of chocolate you consume. I am kidding of course, if anything one should be increase the amount of chocolate consumed, the redesigning life bit still stands though.

So to help you out…

How To Bankroll Traveling The World And Living Your Dreams Without Being A Freeloading Little Rich Kid

“I guess if you got freeload money from your rich dad or your partner, then you can spend it as you did. 
But, hey if you are poor, not matter you do, you are still poor.”

This was a comment on one of my recent posts “Three Months In The…

A Happiness Fundamental: The Social Spiderweb

Today is the start of SUCCESS TOOLS here on I feel recently that there has been a lot of inspirational posts but nothing that helps people make practical changes to improve their life.

No longer. The SUCCESS TOOLS are simple, practical and most importantly quick tools that help…

Memories Of A Life Designers First Time


The bracing cold water hits my face and flows over my body as I dive out of the sun and slip into the cool water. I exhale and let myself drift slowly downwards to sit crossed legged on the bottom of the pool. I remain motionless, listening to…

Your Blog Is Awesome and I Am A Shameless Whore

It’s guest post round up time kids.

Now some astute readers may peer through this smokescreen I am putting up and see a blatant, and frankly abysmal excuse by yours truly for not writing a proper post….and you would be right.

I have been having an awesome time in the last…

The Leap – How Three Simple Changes Can Propel Your Career From Good To Great

The Leap – How Three Simple Changes Can Propel Your Career From Good To Great “Here’s to Your Leap” Ok I confess, the blog title is not my own. It is in fact the title of an excellent book I have just recently finished reading. The author of said…