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I've been retired.

Thanks for reading, all 50,000 of you.

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To officially sign off and leave something lasting and helpful we’ve taken the top twenty most helpful posts from the two years of this blog and gave them a polish. They will help you live better, travel smarter, network more effectively and run better businesses. We hope you enjoy them.

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Praise for TheLifeThing


I actually laughed out loud several moments throughout reading the book.” Ben Weston – CreativeCourage.org


“Fantastic concept. Great life lessons! Awesome!” - John Bardos -JetSetCitizen


Wow, really cool blog you have here, the design is stunning and your content is awesome – Diggy | upgradereality.com

Hey Jonny, I love your writing style man. Keen and hilarious. – Cody | thrillingheroics.com


Hilarious! I love it! – Kristin | findyourselflost.com


Jonny loving this!! brilliant advice…love the way you write! – Hermione 


Dude, I really love this! – Nazim | nazimkhimani.com


Awesome site man – Jonathan | php-programmingtutorial.com


I am enjoying both your adventures and your reflections on them. Keep them coming! – Mirabelle | Summer Seminars


I have to say that your (blog) is truly a fresh take – Shane | explorativeapproach.com


Wow, this has given me a fresh perspective… Thanks so much – optedmagazine.com


It’s great to see someone else living a well thought out life. – Rob | thelifedesignproject.com


Really inspiring to hear what you’re doing…Look forward to hearing more! - Jennifer | reachourdreams.com


You have some great ideas…- Dani | positivelypresent.com


…your true purpose in blogging. You are one of those successful blogger who does not blog for financial rewards but for the purpose of art and expression. – Walter |lionslinger.com


I really liked all the tips you had to give in this one. It was very helpful. – Nisar – Betrulyhappy.com


I know everyone always says “great post”, but this truly was a great post – Kaizan |Kaizan.co.uk

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